Waiting For The Phone To Ring

I’m feeling a little blue today. Not only is the weather gray and drizzly, but I have no idea where my husband is and I haven’t talked to him in around two weeks. Actually, I have only talked to G about three times in the last couple of months, and it is starting to dawn on me that is kind of a long time to go without communicating with one’s spouse…even for people like us, who are totally used to limited and non-existent communication.

Sure, I could try calling the satellite phone, but I always hesitate to do that because once I start calling THAT phone and he doesn’t answer, the more frustrated I become, and then I grow worried. A worried momma doesn’t do anyone any good. I’m not concerned yet; I know G is likely in the Gulf of Alaska without cell phone coverage, working hard to catch that part of the halibut and blackcod quota, and then moving into Southeast Alaska.

George loses track of time easily whether he’s at sea or on shore, and he probably doesn’t even realize how long it has been since he’s called home. I have to admit though, that while everything has been going (and continues to go) better than expected with the three little ones and me at home, time is starting to drag and I’m getting rather tired.

We are still moving forward, however; Vincent finished up one of his pre-schools, Eva’s kindergarten has many end-of-school-year activities planned, and my parents returned from Hawaii. I’ve also been at Jazzercise just about every morning for the past three weeks, working off stress and weight, which is a win-win for me! At this point, if I didn’t have Jazzercise to go and see my friends, visit with all of our children, and bust a move to up-tempo music, I’m sure I wouldn’t be doing this well at home.

Hurry up and get into cell phone coverage, G! (I know he can’t read this, but maybe if I send the message out into the sphere he’ll catch it and call.)

Soldiering on…


    • Thank you! I think I believed G was invincible then! I think I may actually still believe that, even though I now I worry about age, weather, the kids…

  1. I was feeling the same way. I’m trying not to worry as well. I just hope to get a call soon. Talk to ya later.

    • Ugh, and I was going to ask you and Kelli soon whether you’d received a call lately. I know Johnny and Bryan are way better about calling than G. Well, I will give it one or two more days and then call the sat phone. I have a feeling they are crossing the Gulf of Alaska, which takes five days, and fishing as well, which adds days. But seriously. We need a call. If I don’t hear by tomorrow I will call the sat phone.

    • Katie, I tried G’s cell early this morning and it actually rang instead of going straight to voice mail, so this likely means they made it into cell coverage somewhere overnight.

  2. Hugs, Jen… The general public always focuses on how tough the fishermen must be, but I’m certain life is harder for the partner holding life together on shore. Hope you get a conversation soon!

    • Thank you, Tele! This is actually one subject I would love to explore and research in greater detail. I appreciate your kind words. I agree that the general public gets fixated on how tough the fisherman is, but not the wife so much. Sometimes I think they must believe all we do is sit around waiting for the fisherman to come home. I did end up receiving a quick phone call from Hoonah…G sounded a lot better than he did when he called from King Cove. Phew!

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