All Good Things Must End

I can’t believe it; it’s our last night on vacation on the entire opposite end of the country!

I just swam in the pool with Eva one last time, wrapped up in a towel, hauled out the suitcases and began packing.

No! I don’t want to leave!

No matter how much time you spend, it’s never enough.

We did so much and so little on this trip. It was the perfect blend of family, friends, sunshine, and storm.

What did we do? Or rather, what did we not do? We swam in the pool. Waited for Hurricane Isaac. Read books. Floated in the Gulf of Mexico.

We traveled to Lakeland to visit family, and out past Sarasota to visit family. We lived in a two-bedroom condo with three children (including a 7-month old infant who decided now was the perfect time to cut her first two teeth).

I don’t want to go back home and deal with its obligations and commitments and expectations.

Eva is starting first grade. Vincent is starting kindergarten. Mommy is teaching Jazzercise and Vincent has a surgery. Daddy is getting the boat ready for the next crab season.

Do we really have to go back home and get all of this started?

Yes—we do.

It is not what we want to do, but it is what we do.

And so we do.




  1. Read “Captain of Her Crew” last night. Not only am I married to a commercial fisherman but I also I grew up as a boat kid so want to let you know that I thought your book rang true. Glad you had a restful vacation! Karla

    • Karla, thank you! Your comment means so much, especially growing up as a fellow boat kid! I appreciate your support and for taking the time to leave a comment about the book. I am delayed on catching up with everything ever since we returned from Florida! The kids are back in school so you think I’d have caught up by now, but….:) Again, I really appreciate your feedback!

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