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It’s become clear that I am not going to find a quiet moment to sit down at my computer, so I am using my iPhone for this blog post. Actually, what I’m really doing is walking around holding a swaddled infant while I talk at my phone using Siri.

I don’t know why I never thought to use Siri before to “write” a blog post. Although I feel pretty silly talking to myself, at least I can give some sort of a blog update this way!

Valerie is now seven weeks old. Although I am still very tired and get worn out easily, I am definitely doing a lot better. It’s not easy getting up for several nighttime feedings and then being awake and on point all day for all three children, but I am still getting a bit of help with transportation issues for the older two children, for which I am very grateful.

The other good thing is that at this point in the winter crab season, the weather can come up at any time. When the weather turns especially nasty and fishing is too dangerous, George can come home and help out until the weather calms down on the coast and he goes back out to run through the gear again.

The initial all–important push of the crab season is over and now the season consists mostly of turning through the gear and making deliveries. While there has not been tons of crab around, the price has been pretty good so that really helps!

I made my first trip out of town with Valerie a couple of weeks ago for the Jazzercise instructor district meeting. My friend, Amanda, who has a five-month-old, Violet, invited Valerie and I to drive with them to the meeting.

I had really wanted to attend the meeting but was nervous about going by myself, so Amanda’s offer to drive was an offer I could not refuse, and off we went with our little babies. All of the instructors on our Jazzercise team were fantastic help and they took turns holding Valerie almost the whole time!

I felt more confident after that event, so when our extended family trip to the Great Wolf Lodge came up this week, I felt pretty good about going. As usual, the Lodge was a good time and all three children were fantastic! Actually, make that four fantastic children, because my toddler niece was there as well!

Although I was scared I would not get much rest or sleep with a tiny baby in a new environment, the exact opposite happened. Valerie has never slept better than she did at the Lodge, so as a result, I got a little extra sleep as well.

The Great Wolf Lodge had a couple of interesting changes this year. Of particular interest and source of excitement for the adults in my family was the addition of a portable bar that was rolled into the lobby and positioned next to the clock tower each evening for happy hour, of all things!

My sister and dad happened to be in the lobby when the bartender and the bar surprisingly and suddenly appeared, and each of them sent me a text notifying me of this exciting development. George and I wasted no time getting back down to the lobby once we received the good word!


Have three children, will travel.



Hey, who said Vincent didn't fit in the bassinet?



Baby Violet and Baby Valerie (JazzerVi and JazzerVal) at their first Jazzercise instructor district meeting.


  1. What a great idea, using Siri to talk out a post – nice multi-tasking, mama! Glad to hear that you’ve gotten some good time away from home.

    • Thank you, Tele! I also want to compliment you on your most recent blog post regarding the at-sea tragedies this week and to thank you for posting it on our Facebook group, Commercial Fishing Families and Friends. I am going to “press” it later today here onto my blog to share as well. I am formulating a blog post about these horrible events in my mind, and hope the baby will settle down so I can get to work on it!

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