For Valentine’s Day, the Norovirus. How Sweet.

If you suspect someone has the norovirus, run as far and as fast away from that person as you can! Not to be confused with your basic, everyday flu, the norovirus is an instant, violent, ravaging, wicked virus that will take you down before you even realize what is happening.

Right on Valentine’s Day, I suddenly became so sick with this yuck that I lost eight pounds in twelve hours. I had to miss Eva’s kindergarten Valentine’s party, missed Vincent’s preschool Valentine’s festivities, and was only able to give the dozen roses George bought for me barely a glance before they wilted and died.

With my body still weakened by nine months of pregnancy and childbirth less than three weeks before, I guess I was not strong enough to give this hostile virus much of a fight, and it ransacked me. I tell you—I would not wish it upon my worst enemy. After the initial onslought, you still aren’t done. You go on to spend the next few days in bed, unable to stand, while your stomach cramps up and burns like fire.

Wow. Except for last month in the birth center, when the IV fell out of my arm (taking all pain medication with it) and then a fumbling anesthesiologist could not figure out how to insert an epidural just as Valerie shocked us all by suddenly appearing out of nowhere, the virus is the worst pain I have ever experienced. Ever.

The upside is that G was able to hand the boat off to Bryan to take out and run through the Dungeness crab gear for a couple of days (thank you, Bryan!!), and then a storm blew in on the coast so G got to come back home and help deal with the aftermath. I guess I can also be grateful that as a result of all this  sickness, I’ve been able to start phasing out my maternity clothes more quickly.

The most amazing thing is that, while Eva and Vincent did get mild cases of the virus, Valerie and George emerged unscathed. I was so worried about Valerie; I don’t know how a three-week old infant could have withstood this. Praise God.

So, that was my Valentine’s Day. Never a dull moment around here! I hope that at least you all enjoyed a pleasant and healthy Valentine’s Day! :) There’s always next year.


Sweet Valerie, dressed in yellow and scrubbed in sunshine. Happy one-month birthday!


  1. Oh, wretched, Jen! Cap’n J was down with this for about five days – we thought he had extreme food poisoning, then his sister and I were out for a day, too. No fun. Glad you got through it with G’s help, and that Valerie’s made of such resistant stock!

    • Ha! I did wonder at first if it was some kind of food poisoning! And I warned G after he went back to the boat that if he starts feeling odd, he’d better keep a bucket in the wheelhouse to be safe! “Wretched” is the PERFECT adjective.

  2. Holy crap. I hereby retroactively retract any self-pity I may have had on my not-particularly-romantic Valentine’s Day. Glad you can keep your sense of humor about it :)

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