Maybe If I Sled Down a Bumpy Hill….

We are still here at home, waiting impatiently for the arrival of one baby girl. Wow. I have tried almost every safe and natural labor-inducing method known to woman, including two that the doctor and a midwife all but guaranteed would work….but no luck. I know she’s ready; I feel all the familiar signs and symptoms of a newborn preparing a grand entrance, but that’s as far as it goes.

I’m trying to keep busy and I’ve actually gotten a lot done in this last week or so of torturous delay. I’ve ordered and gotten all portraits in frames, ordered a new cradle mattress, finished editing my e-book, received checks for both writing and teaching Jazzercise (I halted teaching at seven months along), organized scrapbook materials, attended the birthday of my dear friend’s son, and even transferred folders, created playlists, updated, and organized my dad’s iTunes account.

I’ve waited impatiently for the snow to arrive, and even it is here now!

One person who is not going to be here much longer, however, is G. I hoped and prayed and crossed fingers that the baby would come a few days early so that George would be here for the birth and a couple of days following. Now, however, unless the baby comes today or tomorrow, G may make the birth but will have to leave immediately afterwards. As in, within hours.

For someone who struggles with anxiety, doesn’t like surprises, and can’t stand the unknown, this has been the most agonizing and difficult nine months of my life. There are no guarantees, no sure answers, and nothing is in my hands. My hope is that after this experience is over, I will look back in time and discover that I’ve grown in character, calmness, and patience by leaps and bounds.

My two snow angels keep me moving forward!



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