In Search of a Pot of Crab Gold

George texted me a beautiful picture from Westport, Washington, of a rainbow off the stern of the f/v Vis, taken late afternoon today.

Actually, he sent it to our family texting group after I informed everyone in the group that it was National Margarita Day.

Not a tequila fan, myself, I’ll gladly settle for a glass or two of good red wine to end what has been a beautiful winter day.

Not to be outdone by a rainbow, however, is Miss Valerie, dressed in her Dungeness crab outfit. Val’s outfit is so cute, and the rainbow so beautiful, that I’m sure the pot of crab gold must surely be around the crab corner in good ole’ Westport.

Happy Margarita Day! Cheers.





  1. Valerie is the sweetest little thing ever! I just want to nibble her cheeks (is that weird?). Almost makes me want to try for another baby, but I don’t think I would be handling it as well as you have been. I can’t imagine what it’s been like with deadly viruses and all… I know I have to constantly remind myself that what doesn’t kill me, only makes me stronger. It’s character building!

    • That is exactly what I’ve been doing; constantly reminding myself that every challenge is making me stronger and more capable! That and help from the family is keeping me going! I knew it was going to be tough, what with the crab season and it being the middle of winter…I keep looking forward to spring and some sunshine. That helps!

      I do recommend adding a third child, however! She really has been fun and you are right on about those cheeks—I am constantly kissing them and giving her little nibbles! :) You guys would be perfect with another baby. Plus, you are younger than us (well, I am younger than G, at least, ha ha) and I bet you have more energy, too. Go for it!

  2. Hi Jen,

    Just checked the blog and saw the arrival of Valerie! Yay, she is so adorable and your two other little ones are fantastic. So happy for you!

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