And Sweet Baby Valerie Makes Five.

Valerie Joy

You may have guessed, based on the amount of time that has gone by since my last post, that our precious baby Valerie Joy has indeed been born. She decided to make a very rapid appearance on January 19, 2012 and was born in literally a matter of minutes! Valerie is a tiny little thing who weighed just 6 pounds, 5.8 ounces at birth and measured 19 inches long.

While at the hospital, she dropped down to 5 pounds 8 ounces, but within just a couple of days was right back up to her birth weight. So far, she is a very mild baby who sleeps quite a bit; and thank goodness for that, because each time she sleeps, I race to my bed and sleep as well.

George was home for the birth (although ironically, he almost missed it; he was eating lunch in the cafeteria with my dad, Eva, and Vincent when Valerie suddenly decided to burst forth. Boy, was he shocked when he ambled back into our room and realized what was transpiring!). George even got to stay for two extra days with me at the hospital thanks to a storm and its accompanying twenty-foot seas that kept the crab boats in the harbor on the official start of the Dungeness crab season.

Sadly, George did leave over a week ago and the kids and I have been holding down the fort. We have had lots of amazing help from my family and friends; everything from school pick-ups and drop-offs, to meals, the sharing of baby supplies, the folding of laundry, and even a slumber party for the kids at the home of our friends.

All of this help has been a surprise and a blessing. I don’t know what I would have done here with a newborn, two other little ones adjusting to not only the arrival of a baby sister but also the departure of their dad, and a household of chores that need to be kept on top of without such help offered to me.

We are off to a good start thanks to so many. George and I also enjoyed some pleasant and uninterrupted time together at the hospital before he left which allowed us to reconnect with each other, enjoy the blessing of Valerie, and get our new family of five off to a positive and peaceful start. I will never forget how sweet it was to spend that time with him in total relief that Valerie had finally arrived safely and soundly, and be able to let go of the worry and anxiety that defined the pregnancy.

I feel such physical and mental relief, such gratitude, the likes of which I’ve rarely felt on this level. My heart sings and leaps for joy each time I look around me and see these three amazing little blessings that God somehow saw fit to allow me to love, cherish, and raise. Astonishing.

Eva holding Valerie at the hospital; her dream come true at last.

Vincent and Valerie. My sweet buddy is slowly adjusting.

Eva swaddled her pink bear.


  1. Aw Jen! This made me cry! I am so happy for you, for George, for Eva and Vincent, and especially darling little Valerie! I think your three babes are just as blessed to have you for a mommy as you feel to be their mommy!

    Congratulations to all of you! I hope to see you soon, and meet the newest little Schile!

  2. how wonderful to hear everything went and is going so well! you have one amazing family jenn…..we have one amazing family i should say! thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Congratulations!! Your family is beautiful!

    I am also a fisherman’s wife and a mother of five! This is an “interesting” life we lead, is it not? 😉

    Good luck to you and your husband this season!


  4. What great news! I’m so excited for your family and so relieved to hear that George was there for the birth. There really isn’t anything else in the world like the birth of a baby… And she is absolutely beautiful, congratulations!

  5. I am so honored to be such a close friend and have your total trust to help with your lovely children. Many blessings to you and Valerie. I sure am happy she is here.

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