Captain of Her Crew: The Commercial Fishing Mom’s Guide to Navigating Life at Home, Has Launched!

My e-book, Captain of Her Crew: The Commercial Fishing Mom’s Guide to Navigating Life at Home, is now available!

This is an e-book that has been long in the making and involved the expertise of many people.

First and foremost, it was you, the readers of this blog, that set the book in motion. I have received so many thoughtful and pertinent questions and comments over the last five years since starting Highliners and Homecomings that it seemed like a great idea to put my best advice to navigating life within a fishing family into one place. Thank you to you all who have read my blog, shared your experience and frustrations, asked questions, and offered encouragement and support to me and others just like us along the way.

A special thanks goes out to my fishing family. My husband, George (“G”) whose infinite patience and encouragement towards me helps make everything happen. My commercial fishing parents, Jack and Peggy Karuza, who set a phenomenal example about how a fishing family should operate and now help me hold the fort down when G is at sea. My sisters, Stephanie Dyer and Cassandra Wright, with whom I grew up, fished alongside of in Alaska, and laugh with and treasure to this day!

In memory of my late brother-in-law, Danny Wright, whom we lost at sea during crab season fifteen years ago. I love you, still. You always accepted all of us at face value and inspired us with your joy and zest for life. Never a day goes by we don’t think of and miss you. Ever.

On the professional front, thank you to my writing mentor, Christina Katz, who showed me how to blend motherhood with writing and never fails to provide practical instruction and advice along with encouragement. And thank you to Jerry Fraser, former editor-in-chief (and current publisher) of National Fisherman magazine, who gave me my first shot at writing professionally well over a decade ago and who remains especially dear to me.

An e-book of high quality cannot be produced without the help of a variety of professionals. Thank you to Jim Thomsen, who edited the book. Courtney Bowlden, who took the family photographs. David Hills, who took the commercial fishing photographs and allowed me to use them. The long–suffering and kind Craig Lancaster, who designed the entire book and made it available as both a PDF e-book and as a print book. (I’ll not soon forget this experience!)

Thank you to my early readers with writing and/or commercial fishing expertise: Abigail Green, Dylan Klempner, Lisa Gooch, Robin Blue, Lori French, and Michele Eder.

There were many laughs along the road to producing this e-book, which is exactly the way I like to operate. I could not have asked for a better team of family and professionals to accompany and guide me on this venture!

Last but never, ever least…thank you to my three sweet babes: Eva, Vincent, and Valerie. You are precious, strong, resilient commercial fishing children with hearts full of love and laughter. Mommy loves you so much, and you make every one of my days full and blessed. You mean everything to me!

Captain of Her Crew: The Commercial Fishing Mom’s Guide to Navigating Life at Home, can be purchased and delivered immediately to your in-box as a PDF download. If you enjoy a traditional book to hold and carry around, you may also order the guide in paperback and choose your prefered shipping method at checkout.



  1. Congratulations. It’s a big step but you have readers and the market for it. It does take a village.

  2. Congratulations, Jen! I’m thrilled for you! Your timing of this book could not be better. I was just telling my mother that even if your husband travels for work, it just isn’t the same as living the commercial fishing life. So much more goes into it and our feelings are very complicated. The “transition” that you refer to couldn’t be more accurate. Thank you for this and I look forward to reading your work.

  3. Thank you, all! You are so kind! What an exciting day yesterday. Your comments are icing on the cake. Janet, it truly does take a village! That is so right. Amanda, thank you so much for your support and words! I look forward to more of your feedback. “Complicated” definitely describes it. And thank you for your FB comment as well and the book order! :)

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