Facebook and Politics: Thumbs Down.

Many of my Facebook friends have taken on the challenge of posting what they are thankful and grateful for each day throughout the month of November.

I’m not participating, but I enjoy reading their status updates and give many of them the “thumbs up.”

I’m going to take a moment on my blog, however, and state with all the gratitude in the world that the election is finally, finally over. I’m also grateful that soon, 90% of the political postings on Facebook will end.

Don’t misunderstand me; I’m not opposed to people writing what they want on their own page, expressing their right to free speech, stating opinions or likewise. I’ve said that before. I’ve also said that while I am by no means a Democrat and I did not vote for Obama, most of my friends are left-leaning Democrats and I respect and admire most of them. I don’t care whether people agree with my views or not.

In fact, one of my dearest friends in real life and on Facebook describes herself as “left of liberal.” This friend is fun, she is a source of wisdom on many topics, and I enjoy the intelligent articles and opinions she shares on Facebook. This is not the sort of person I’m referring to.

I’m referring to those who have spent the past six hours to six months gloating and ridiculing people who do not believe as they do. Who have made blanket generalizations about opposite viewpoints. Almost every time I logged onto Facebook, I was greeted by a newsfeed of insults. No, they were not insults pointed at me, but they were insults nonetheless.

I know this happens on both sides of the political aisle. However, in my own virtual world, it has been one side doing most of the lambasting. I’m rather sick of reading it all. I know; I could have “hidden” these people from my news feed. I could have not logged on to Facebook. I could have even deactivated my account until election season was over.

Again: I respect the right of others to post whatever they want on their Facebook page. What I don’t respect, and what I won’t tolerate going forward, is bullying. It’s disgusting. We each have different life experiences, different families, different occupations, different everything. If Facebook friends can’t respect these differences, then that’s a problem.

I enjoy my friends in real life and in my online life and I hope to remain friends with each and every one of them. But—I detest intolerance, and I won’t put up with it. I hope everyone will chill out, take a breath, and move on. The election is over, and this will be the last time I write about election-related anything on this blog.

There’s so much coming up ahead in the next couple of months that are so much more rewarding and joy-filled than Facebook and politics.

Thankfully, it’s time to get back to non-partisan business.

And that is what I am grateful for today.


  1. I do find it funny that the comments, insults and judgements are one sided. Hummmm…we could really have a great discussion on why that is!

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