Happy Mother’s Day!

What a great Mother’s Day. I knew the kids and I would be alone on this day, and I hoped that we would have a nice time. The good news is that we had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend together!

I am thankful for the preschool and kindergarten teachers of Eva and Vincent; they facilitated the making of Mother’s Day cards and thumb print keychains, threw a party, and helped the kids write stories and draw pictures of and about Mom that broke my heart, made my day, and made me smile.

The stories and pictures about Mom also made me panic! I’ve learned just this year that it is unnerving to have your children answer questions for their teachers about Mom for their Mother’s Day gifts. Whoa. I froze for a moment when I saw the questions Vincent filled in about Mom for his card and pictures. I froze again when I read the card and questions Eva filled out!

“What is your mom’s favorite thing to drink? How old is Mom? What do you love about Mom? What is Mom’s favorite thing to do?”

Eeks! Well, in an edited summary…according to Vincent, I’m nine years old. My favorite things to eat are chicken legs and shrimp. He loves me because I teach him how to write and “I’m good at writing.”

According to Eva, I “let her help take care of the baby.” Her favorite thing is when I cuddle with her.

To celebrate Mother’s Day, Eva and I got pedicures while I held little Valerie. Then, the four of us (Eva, Vincent, Valerie, and me) went to church and then to the pool, where we enjoyed a rare May Pacific Northwest sun.

George wasn’t home (he’s in King Cove, Alaska, where it’s 30-degrees and water hoses are frozen). I didn’t get time off from being “Mom”, no flowers came to my doorstep, no dishes or laundry or dinner were done for me.

But I enjoyed the greatest Mother’s Day gift ever—time with my children. The little ones put extra effort into getting along and behaving, were excited to present me with their gifts, and we all enjoyed an afternoon of warmth, love, and fun.

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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