May the Dungeness Crab and Baby Party Begin Already!

The boat left with a load of Dungeness crab pots last weekend. Although it is always sad to hug G goodbye and wave the crew off, it’s also kind of a relief. Especially this year. There has been so much waiting, wondering, and anticipation as to when the gear work will end, when the boat will leave for Westport, when the season will start, and if the weather will cooperate.

And of course, this year we have the added anticipation of a baby due on the exact day George and the fellas will dump five-hundred crab pots to the bottom of the ocean, hoping the season will be profitable and safe for the five families—including at least a dozen children combined—who are relying on it.

No pressure!

Ah, what can you do? That’s life, moving forward the way life tends to do.

Here are a few pictures of this year’s Dungeness Crab Season 2012 Departure Day:

What an awesome, sweet, and tough crew we have in Bryan, Johnny, Brett, Oscar, and George.

Precious and resilient commercial fishing kids watching Dad pull away from the dock.

Johnny on top of the pots.

George will have a few days at home in between getting the boat to Westport and when the season officially begins, so here’s still hoping the baby decides to arrive during the window in which he is home.

I’m ready.

The kids’ bedroom switch and redesign is complete; Vincent has cool new bunk beds, Eva has her rainbow/butterfly/flower room. Holidays are over, children are back in school, preschool, and activities. House is clean, Christmas presents are put away, writing invoices have been sent off.

I’m tired of waiting; I’m looking ahead already to springtime, capris, sandals, renewed energy, evenings of sunshine and bayside cocktails, and a body I can actually move with ease and feel comfortable within.

Time to get this party started! :)


I love this picture of Vincent; he looks like he just climbed off a Dutch Harbor fishing vessel.

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