PME (Fish Expo) is Right Around the Corner!

Yesterday afternoon, I pulled into my driveway with Eva and baby Valerie. I hopped out of my Mommy Bus and went immediately into G’s home office, where he was working on his computer.

“There’s a baby boutique over in Barkley,” I announced.

“I’ve been there before,” I continued, “But not in a while. I heard today that they’d changed locations. Just down the block a bit. Anyway, I went in there with Valerie before I picked up Eva. I wanted to get Valerie a teething necklace. Amber recommended the necklace. Anyway, the new store is amazing! They have the cutest things. And it’s bigger than it was.

“Anyway, they also have this new thing where they can make personalized wall prints, ornaments, and clothes! It was so cute! I was just going to get Valerie a personalized onesie, but then I decided the big kids might feel left out, so I got each of them a shirt as well. They all have fish pictures and their own names on the shirts!”

“Look!” I said. I held up Eva’s shirt and smiled. I tucked Val’s onesie and Vincent’s shirt under my arm.

G turned from his computer and looked at the shirts.

“Those are neat,” he said. “Where’d you get those?”


True story!

George definitely has a lot on his mind. The major repowering of a fishing vessel, the beginnings of what will be the 2012-13 Dungeness crab season, and the switching out of flatbed trucks, as well as the seemingly never-ending task of paying of bills and working on taxes.

There are some fun things coming up, though, like the awesome Pacific Marine Expo (aka Fish Expo)! I know a lot of people from the worlds of fishing and writing that will be there, and I can’t wait to see everyone. Some of your favorite writers and bloggers (Robin Blue, Lori French, Spike Walker, Dean Adams, Tele Aadsen) will be at the conference speaking, performing, and signing books!

As for me, I’ll be participating in a roundtable presentation on fishing families and signing copies of my book, Captain of Her Crew: The Commercial Fishing Mom’s Guide to Navigating Life at Home (available as an e-book and in paperback).

You can check out the full schedule for the Author’s Corner right here. From this link, you can also access all of the other special events (conferences, contests, vendors, booths, sponsors, happy hours) that will be happening at PME! I’ll be writing more about all of this in the coming weeks.

In other writing news, my author page is now complete. Click on the link to give it a look!

I hope everyone has a restful and/or productive weekend. I’m hoping for restful. :)


Vincent in his customized fish shirt.

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