The Cozi Family Calendar: Perfect for Commercial Fishing Families!

I recently found out about the most awesome family organization tool: The Cozi family calendar, designed for busy families.

And, as I’ve also discovered…amazingly perfect for commercial fishing families!

Scheduling in my family up until now has consisted of me writing each appointment on the wall calendar in the kitchen and the calendar on my desk. I’m usually able to keep track of everything that way, but George has a little more trouble keeping up, especially when he’s at sea or far away in an Alaska or Westport harbor.

So, our conversations about the family schedule and activities usually go like this:

“What? When is the ballet recital?”

“Hold on. The gymnastics show is today?”

“When did they sign up for soccer?”

“When do swimming lessons start again?”

“Vincent has a doctor appointment?”

“Where is the doctor?”

“You’re going where with your friends? When will you get home?!”

Ah, but no more! Now, I can keep G informed of each bit of family business with the world’s best tool, Cozi. I can send him text alerts and e-mail messages directly from the app about upcoming appointments and activities with a simple click of a button, or even set them up to automatically go to his phone.

With just one account that the entire family can share, and color coded buttons for each family member, I can create shopping lists for specific stores, create personal to-do lists for George and me, and send them on to him. Each week’s agenda can also be delivered right to his in-box so he can review our week all at once and see what we’re up to.

Or, if he’s so inclined, he can simply access Cozi himself via his iPhone or computer and review the calendar, shopping lists, and to-do lists all on his own and stay current on our goings-ons, whether at sea or on shore!

Say, for example, George is out running errands and decides to swing by Costco. Instead of feeling frustrated that he forgot the Costco list at home or calling me to find out what’s on it, all he has to do is push the Cozi button on his phone and look under the heading “Costco.” There he will see my list of diapers, organic baby food, Vodka, and bread. You know, the essentials.

Cozi has come in especially handy for me lately. Sadly, over the course of the last two weeks, our sweet little Vincent was diagnosed with childhood hearing loss along with a few secondary issues. Needless to say, in addition to swimming lessons, Vincent’s birthday, and a trip to Florida, our summer calendar is now also filled with consultations, testing, speech therapy, surgery, and meetings with doctors.

I’ve pulled out my phone and scheduled these appointments on the fly while standing at front office desks without overlapping any of them, and George and I can keep track of them all so we don’t miss any.

The Cozi app was voted the #1 Productivity App for Moms and the #1 iPhone App for Moms. I can see why. (And no, Cozi isn’t paying me to write this blog post about how much I love the app!)

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. :)


  1. Cozi sounds awesome. Does George like the iphone? For the boat too? sorry you guys are dealing with some tough news with your boy. It is excellent to get an early diagnosis and all the support to help with his learning & development! Karla

    • Hi Karla! Thank you! You know, G does love his iPhone! We rarely have coverage where he fishes so we can’t always use all the cool features like FaceTime, but he does have it loaded with some great navigation apps and movies. Cozi has been AMAZING. WOW. I can’t describe how much we use it to keep track of who is going where and what time. And if an appointment gets changed, we just go in and edit or delete so there’s no confusion. I really don’t know how I made it this far without Cozi! :)

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