Three Weeks To Go!

We are down to less than a month until G gets home from this year’s blackcod and halibut season. Unfortunately, so far, the season has been painfully slow and the guys have been grinding away for not much reward.

The upside is that the annoying portion of the fish plan is now completed and they are moving on into the middle and end of season, which should prove to be a lot better fishing.

At any rate, the real upside is that in about three weeks it will all be over and the guys will be home. I know that after over four months alone with three kids aged six and under, I am looking forward to having another parent at home.

We have done very well, though! I am so proud of the children (and me!). I never imagined that we would make it this far and largely trouble-free. Eva and Vincent have worked hard to follow directions and try to get along with each other and with Mom so that we could have a nice time.

And of course, little baby Valerie remains as sweet as ever. She smiles at everyone and honestly appears so happy to be in the world with us!20120527-130923.jpg

My parents have helped me quite a bit since Valerie was born last January. George has fished two seasons since Valerie was born and he has really only spent one week at home in the last four months. When my parents left for Hawaii two weeks ago, I was nervous about how I would manage truly on my own and being solely responsible for getting everyone everywhere on time.

Although I have no energy left over at the end of each day and the kids and I are in bed at 8 o’clock each night, we are managing decently. I have also returned to Jazzercise, which was something I’d look forward to!

One of the greatest things that has happened during this time is the opening of our neighborhood swimming pool. We moved up high enough on the waiting list this year to be offered a summer membership, and I couldn’t be more pleased. While the 20120527-130844.jpgweather has not been great, anytime that the sun comes out and it’s over 60°, and the kids and I race to the pool.

I absolutely love packing our lunch and snacks and towels and suntan lotion for an afternoon at the pool. Valerie looks adorable in her little swimsuit, and it’s fun watching Eva and Vincent play in the pool and go down the slide. It is not easy juggling a six-year-old, a four-year-old and an infant all at once at a swimming pool, but it’s totally worth the effort to be outside, getting exercise, and watching the kids have so much fun.

I have been surprised how many families we know also received pool memberships this summer! I have seen families from the neighborhood, from preschool, and ballet.

My parents will be home in another week, and George should be home two weeks after that. I am looking forward to everyone returning home safely and soundly, and I am equally as happy and grateful to have had all this quality time with my little ones.

It’s tough being the only adult on duty and I’m in survival mode (doing what HAS to be done and not much more), but I’m sure the children and I will always remember the memories we’ve made and the laughs we’ve had this winter and spring.

20120527-192522.jpgI happened upon a booth recently that sold engraved rings. I bought one and had the names of all three children engraved upon it.

It’s not easy being a “seasonally single” parent, but I love my kids and there are no other three people I’d rather spend this much time with.



  1. Your very last sentence is going to become my mantra! I will have to remind myself (during the hard times) that there is no one else I’d rather spend my time with than my little guy!

    • Amanda, thanks for your comment! I have been meaning to get in touch about a couple of other things we’ve talked about.

      It has not been easy and I’m running basically on the hope of help to come, but when I think about how lonely I’d be without the three little ones…it puts it all back into perspective!

    • Thank you, Tele! It’s so good to hear from you. We are doing our best! If the sun would stay put for a week or so we’d be even better. Have you seen our boat anywhere in Southeast?

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