What Do You All Think? Looking For Feedback From My Commercial Fishing Peeps.

You all know that one of my favorite parts about writing and maintaining this blog is reviewing the search terms that lead people here. Some people land here by mistake, others find what they’re looking for, and still others are looking for answers to topics I have not yet addressed in posts or comments.

Some of the latter can include the most interesting and relevant of inquiries.

The past couple of months have brought a few unique search terms my way that have made me chuckle or raise my eyebrows. I have thoughts on each of them, but I would like to do something different this time and open up the questions to all of you. Commercial fishermen, wives, girlfriends, please send me your feedback and/or experience as it pertains to one or all of these inquiries!

I may publish your replies in the form of a blog post or in the comments. You CAN remain anonymous.

Here are the four search inquiries for which I’d love your response:

1. What are some neat things about commercial fishing?

2. What can we do about commercial fishing?

3. Why do women leave their husbands when they are commercial fishermen?

4. What do commercial fishermen do when they are away from their wives?

Shoot me a word, a sentence, a paragraph, or several paragraphs in response. I would love to read and possibly publish your comments! Again, you may remain anonymous. With regard to Inquiry #2….I assume that was from an anti-commercial fishing reader, but I don’t know for sure. I reserve the right to not publish any comments that denigrate our industry.

That said, please send me your thoughts. Have fun!


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