First Halloween Party in Ten Years!

The crab crew has returned to town and today is the first day of gear work in preparation for the 2013-2014 Dungeness crab season. Eva is at school, Vincent and Valerie are home sick with me, and I just filled out and sent in my ballot for this year’s election. Yep, fall is officially here!

I did one thing different this fall from the falls of the last decade…I actually dressed up in a Halloween costume and attended a Halloween party. The last time I dressed up and went to a Halloween party, G and I lived in Ballard. We lived in a little yellow house, we had a young puppy named Toby, an older puppy named Mandy, and no children. Now, we no longer live in Ballard but have returned to my hometown, we lost dear Toby to cancer a couple of years ago, and we’ve added three children to the family!

High time to dress up and go out.

You all know that the last few months have been filled with transition for my family and me. Most all of it was unexpected and hard to come to terms with. All of a sudden, I felt like I wanted to go out! Let loose! Forget the stress and let my hair down! And, I was NOT going to drive home. Nope. I was going to kick up my heels and let go for one night.

Unfortunately, G could not attend the party with me because our babysitter canceled.

Fortunately, G was sweet enough to volunteer to watch our children and the children of my friend so I could still go to the party. I’d emerged from my bedroom in costume, hair and makeup done, but no party in which to go. G took pity on me and said he would stay home and watch all the children so I could still attend. The kind expression on his face and his willingness to give, so I could go out with friends for once, was touching and met with gratitude from me.

My friend dressed as an Ice Queen, I dressed as a Baroness (the wife of a 19th century British nobleman—I had to look it up for the exact description!) and off we went. The party was fantastic; the party hostess and her husband decorated their house to the hilt and had drinks and food for all. There was music and dancing, including a choreographed routine we got to practice and perform! Smiles, laughter, conversation, general light-heartedness all around…exactly what I needed.


The kids were surprised to see Mommy dressed up!


Ice Queen and the Baroness.


Dinner on the boat with Dad.

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