Grateful For A Fantastic Summer So Far

The weather has been perfect and I have been loving every second of this brilliant sun I’ve waited nine months to see. We have been so lucky all of July!

I’ve also loved leaving the rigid school-year schedule behind. It has been so great not having to get up and rush out the door with three children and get them to two different schools and juggle the baby. No meetings, no homework, no dance classes, no real obligations. What a much–needed and appreciated break!

We are taking the mornings slow, spending each afternoon at the pool, and then coming home for dinner and a casual evening before bedtime. We have hosted some planned parties with friends, enjoyed fun spontaneous gatherings, gone for bike rides, and are just soaking in and enjoying our community of friends and family along with the weather.

Two nights ago, as Vincent was going to bed, we noticed his tooth was missing. It had been wiggly for one day, but we never expected it to come out that same day. Nobody knew where or when the tooth fell out, but we had a good laugh over the fact that Vincent truly and literally lost his first tooth. He is turning six at the end of the month and is excited about his shark pool party.

Of course, there are always tough times when the whole family is around. Valerie is now eighteen months old, and she is getting her first teeth and doing a lot of whining. She doesn’t talk yet, so she sort of yells in different pitches when she needs to communicate something, which becomes rather grating. Vincent and Eva go from room to room making messes and sometimes fighting. (Of course, G and I aren’t exempt from any of this; I have to admit we do some of these same things, ha ha!)

A commercial fishing family living all together in one location is not always easy when you are used to being a family of one or a family of four, separated by states and seas most of the year.

It’s never easy, but when things are going well, it’s the best ever.

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Here are a few pics from the last month or two:


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