Onward and Upward. Thank You, G.

What a day, what a day.

Healing, liberation, restoration, and renewal are just a few of the words that describe it.

For starters, I wrapped up a brand new essay and submitted it three weeks early. That alone would have been cause to celebrate.

But…this morning, G asked if I had plans for today.

I didn’t.

He wanted to know if I was “ready” to go through the garage. Oh, yes, I replied. I’m ready.

I’ve waited over a decade to clear out a particular corner of the garage. I always imagined that my sister would ignite a bonfire in her park-like backyard, and I would bring my past up to her house in the form of three bins and dump it all into the blaze. However, the years passed by, and that never happened.

Today, G said he would build a fire right in our driveway, and I could have at it.

So he did.

And I did.

I looked at ten years’ worth of letters from another time. Cards. Documents. Pictures. Scrapbooks. And then, I respectfully set them each into the blaze. A long time ago, a wise and wonderful woman I know told me that releasing something into fire brings healing and a special kind of energy. Today, fifteen years after she gave me that bit of wisdom, I did just that.

I am not done; as it turns out, you can’t burn a decade of one’s life in one afternoon. But the process has started. Don’t misunderstand; I am a keeper of history. But this bit of history needed to be set free.

Why do I have a smile on my face?

George gave me a kiss tonight and said “Good work, hon.”

This is the same guy who helped me pack up and move out of my past life in the middle of the night over ten years ago. He has been through it all with me. He’s helped me in every way imaginable. And he’s still here. I don’t see him a lot, and we’ve missed a lot together, but he’s still here. For me.

As always…onward and upward. Love you, G. And thank you.


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