Rolling With The Punches & A Commercial Fishing Show Casting Call

I know; it has been quite a while since my last post on Commercial Fishing Mom! We have been busy getting our school routine going and as always, adjusting to change. You know that I do not do well with change and lately there has just been too much of it.

“If you could just roll with the punches you’d be a lot better off,” G said to me.

That’s true. If only I could just roll with the punches! But when the punches seem ceaseless; crew change, fishery change, school change, exercise change…the bottom line is I just prefer no change, or perhaps only one small change at a time.

We are headed out of town this weekend. I am going to the Jason Aldean concert with my cowgirl daughter Eva and my cowgirl friend Dawn Michelle. I convinced G to come with me because I didn’t want to be without Vincent and Valerie for two nights, and also because it’s our eleventh wedding anniversary weekend. Who can’t use a change of scenery and a few laughs with friends we only see once a year?

Bags are being packed and stationed by the door as I write, but I wanted to post this before we left because I also have a couple of reminders for you.

The first is that my fellow anthology producer, Amanda, and I want to encourage and remind you to send us your stories for the commercial fishing families anthology! You absolutely do not have to consider yourself a “writer” to submit. We want all stories pertaining to the commercial fishing family lifestyle. They do not have to be perfect. For more information on story ideas and submitting your work, please click here.

In addition, I recently received word that a new commercial fishing TV show is currently being cast. This sounds like a great opportunity for one of you; they are looking for a family that has a son or daughter that is on the boat learning how to be a commercial fisherman. My children are too little so my family isn’t a good fit, but maybe your family is a great fit for the show! If you would like more information on this opportunity, please contact me through the contact form or visit my Facebook group, Commercial Fishing Families & Friends.

My son, Vincent, lost his third tooth this week. He was eating dinner when he tasted “a piece of metal” so he spit it out. Turns out, it was his tooth! This little guy is too funny. He doesn’t even know where the first tooth he lost went; we noticed he had a gap in his teeth but he had no idea where the tooth was or when it disappeared. He literally “lost” it. Another tooth came out on the way to his own birthday party.

Anyway, we are soldiering on, and G is starting to prepare for the crew to come up and start gear work on the upcoming Dungeness crab season. Oh! One more thing. Don’t forget to check out the Commercial Fishing Wives presentation at Fish Expo in November. Details are being finalized, and I will keep you posted.

Jason Aldean, here we come!

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