Summer is Here…And So is G! Without the Boat.

Summer has arrived! The best–or at least, great–thing for the children and me is that our fishing boat has gone north for the Southeast Alaska seine season….and George is not on it! G is staying home for the summer. Without his boat. This means that George is stuck available to do family things with us for the next two months without any reason to run down to the harbor, miss calls due to no cell coverage, or any other thing.

I’ll always know where he is. Instead of somewhere at sea in Washington or Alaska or unloading crab or halibut or otherwise, he’ll usually be right here. At home.


The first summer event I planned for the family was an outing to the Josh Turner concert. I got the tickets for George for Father’s Day because it’s not often a Nashville star comes around here, and while G is not a big music guy, he does like Josh Turner a lot. For that matter, so does my seven-year old daughter, Eva. So I got tickets for everyone! Off down the road (for three hours) we went.

Unfortunately, it was pouring down rain before and during the show, so I had to take baby Valerie and head back to the lodge an hour before the first act even got on stage. That’s okay, though. Although I’d really looked forward to seeing the concert, having a baby outdoors in the rain at night is totally unacceptable. So we went back to our room, where Valerie fell asleep in my arms. G and the older kids stuck it out in the rain as long as they could, with a beer and some hot chocolate, before they too headed back.

At least we got the drive over together, enjoyed a clean, cozy room out of town, and the next day the kids got to go swimming while I walked around with Val in the stroller before heading home.


Cowgirl Eva ready for her first country concert.

Cowgirl Eva ready for her first country concert. Vincent, keeping it real with an Alaska Ship Supply sweatshirt.

What’s next? A trip out of town to my parent’s beach house. Another long drive, but I haven’t been south of my town except one time this year, so I’m excited just to turn right onto the freeway and go in a new direction! We’re packing up the bikes this time, but even if it rains the whole trip (which it probably will), I won’t care too much. All five of us (six, counting our dog, Mandy) will be together, and that is a rare adventure all on its own.

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Have a fantastic day.


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