A Pleasant Spring Break After All

A couple of weeks ago, G asked if I was up for a spring break trip to Florida. Ten years ago, I would have been like, “YES! YES! Let’s GO!”

But now, I had multiple things to consider before hopping on a plane. For starters, three days’ warning is not enough time to get ready. Eva and Vincent would miss an additional week of school, on top of the week they already missed when we were at the Great Wolf Lodge. Valerie, 2, is only just beginning to communicate with words. How would she do on a plane across country for six hours? And me. I’m not thin enough for Florida! I need a few more months years at the gym!

It was an agonizing decision. I went back and forth. We weren’t ready to go. On the other hand, who on earth would turn down a trip to Florida?

Well, I did.

I asked if we could go twice. Maybe George could go now by himself, and the rest of the family could go in June on a second trip after school was out.

Fortunately, G agreed. The intent of this spring trip was to check out a boat. If G liked the boat, he would buy it and then later, bring it around the Panama Canal on a six-week boat ride. And then, once school was out, we could go back as a family and stay on our favorite island. Plan made. Done.

One day into the childrens’ spring break, though, I regretted my choice. It was pouring down rain. Cold. Gray. Awful. What idiot would have said no to a sunny, Gulf of Mexico vacation for typical cold, windy, rainy Pacific NW yuck? Well, we know exactly who.

Two days into it, though, the weather began to clear. We attended a bowling party for the 8-year-old daughter of good friends. Eva got to join Buddy Week at karate with Vincent. We went to dinner with other good friends and played “Would You Rather” into late in the evening. I got a massage, and rode bikes with the children to the park. George took the big kids for a car ride south of town, and I played in our backyard with the youngest.

It turned out to be a nice and relaxing spring break. G is currently in Florida. I talked with him briefly today, and word is he didn’t care too much for the boat he flew across the country to look at.

But he will get to visit with his dad next, the sun is shining on both coasts, and all is well.






  1. It’s always so nice to read your stories, and what’s going on with you.
    You should have went. The kids are little they would have made it up. Anyway, have fun when you do go. Is Anna Maria your favorite. If so, I love it also. Keep in touch. Nanc

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