The Sun is Shining

It has been the most wonderful day. In fact, the last couple of weeks have been awesome. The sun is shining, sandals are out, smiles are ready all around. Everywhere I go, people seem to be smiling and laughing. I feel grateful to be among them.

I recently did some behind-the-scenes-work on this blog and lost my three last posts in the process. I am working on getting those back up. In the meantime, I wanted to come and share.

The first and most important thing is that God is good. As you know, I spent the darkest seasons of my life last fall and winter. Even when I felt betrayed, hurt, and wanted to die, I never doubted God’s love for me. I kept seeing it through, for the sake of my children, and having faith that the next season would be better and the sun would eventually shine again.

I am happy to write now that the sun is once again shining.

I am in love with all of my friends, who text me with their support and news of their own struggles and joys. I love the group that I meet with weekly. I went to lunch with my mom today and we talked for two hours. My mom came by my house later on, and we talked for three hours more. My dad came by and did some yard work for me; Mom and I didn’t even know Dad was out there until he came inside to sit and talk with us.

That’s a family…and a fishing family…for you.

Man, I love to laugh. I love it. I visited with my dear friend last night via a sort of video visit. I texted today with another dear friend who is flying planes across the world.

I feel so good. Hopeful, peaceful, optimistic, and filled with love.

Even when you want to die, when you feel betrayed and hurt and scared…wait a bit and remember God is good. And the sun will shine again.



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