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A String of Crab Gear (I Think)

I was looking through the handful of videos that George took during last winter’s Dungeness crab season. There aren’t many, and the ones that exist are very short. I think that most of the time he was just practicing the video function on his iPhone.

I came across this video last night. At first I thought George had simply captured the vast winter ocean, but upon closer inspection, I noticed our signature buoys in the background. I’m no Dungeness crab expert, but I think that is what’s called a “string of gear” and the buoys are attached to crab pots that are resting at the bottom of the ocean.

I’m sure someone out there can help me out if I’m incorrect. I’d ask George, but…well, I have no idea where he is :-).

The First Video Post

I recently upgraded my blog to allow for videos (to the tune of $60—yikes!). I hope you enjoy these first two short clips, which George recorded during the last Dungeness crab season.

This is all practice—thanks for bearing with me as I keep upgrading Highliners and Homecomings!