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Challenges Last Year, Outcomes This Year

Writing Prompt From the Lady Bloggers Society:


Write about a challenge you faced last year. What was the outcome?

When I think back on 2010, two challenges come to mind. The first one is that I could not, even as an active mother and Jazzercise instructor, keep my weight where I wanted. For years and years I felt great and confident, even after giving birth. After giving birth and nursing two children back-to-back, I reached and maintained my lowest weight ever and felt good.

Unfortunately, after I stopped nursing and grew a few years older, things crept up on me.

The second challenge was George being gone for way too long last year. Now, I am a tough girl and, having four generations before me, was more than ready to take on the commercial fishing life. For Pete’s sake, I am the daughter, grand-daughter, niece, great-niece of commercial fishermen and was writing for National Fisherman magazine when I met my husband.

Even so, G was gone too long last year, and that was a challenge for both of us.

As for the results to my challenges….

When I recently discovered that my calorie-counting and heart rate-tracking Polar Watch was dead, I ordered a similar watch to replace it. (Yes, I could have replaced the battery in the original watch, but I don’t know who replaces batteries in this town and it seemed simpler to order a new one!) I’m also signing up for Jazzercise Boot Camp in addition to my regular Jazzercise classes.

As for George being gone too long?

Only he can handle that end. I am so, so glad we had a lot of time together this fall and over Christmas. It means everything to me and we’ve had an unbelievable time. I hope that his Dungeness crab season is a success and that catching the halibut and blackcod quota goes much more quickly than last year. If it goes slow, I hope he will take a break and come home to visit at some point or let us meet him where he is.

At The Top of My List

Well, I wrote a nice post while I’ve been sitting here at the hotel with my little ones waiting for G to come out of his Dungeness Crab Association meeting.

Then, I accidentally deleted it.

Guess I’m not as iPhone-savvy as I like to think!

So here I am reporting from the Coast via iPhone, posting a picture of the angels that will forever remain at the top of my Thankful List.

Check out the Dungeness Crab Crew in Action!!

Cooked Dungeness crab

Presenting the bravest, strongest, hottest, sweetest, most awesome Dungeness crab crew ever….

Watch the brand new video!!!

Nice job George, Bryan, Brett, and Brandon!!!

And great work putting together your first ever YouTube video, G!


Building Pallets & Rigging Crab Pots in the Sunshine

A couple years ago, I wrote a series of posts on the rigging of Dungeness crab gear. I won’t go through all the details again, but if you missed it the first time around or are interested, you can read about it here.

This year, the gang added the building of pallets to the pre-season gear work. I wondered why they were building new pallets when the web lockers seemed to be full of them already.

“We built the pallets 3×3 to store and transport the crab pots. A stack of pots–five pots–fits on a  3×3 pallet perfectly. A standard pallet is much bigger and takes up too much room in the lockers,” G explained.

Since I had his attention, I called out one more question from my seat on the family room couch.

“Do you have any thoughts on the season ahead?”

“Not so far,” G called back from the dinner table, where he sat eating a delicious rotisserie chicken in a butter and garlic glaze and a side of three-cheese tortellini…that I bought at the local deli.

“It’s too early,” he continued. “But so far, no two years have ever been the same, so I’m curious as to what this year will be like.”

Thanks for snapping all of these great pics for me, G!

Happy Halloween!

Some time ago, Eva informed me she wanted to be a kitty for Halloween.

“That is so sweet,” I thought. I immediately went online and researched girl’s kitty costumes.


I did not expect to find what I found. Headband ears, long tails, short sequined skirts and racy tights, modeled by young girls, was not exactly the look I had in mind for my four-year-old.

I searched throughout the night and eventually found a costume in line with our needs: an innocent, sweet, furry, little girl’s kitty costume (pictured on Eva below).

I was a bit taken aback that it took no time at all to find a kitty costume a playmate might wear (even though my search specifically mentioned “child”), but quite a bit of searching to find a kitty costume a small child might wear.

No matter.

I was in tears this evening when I watched my Eva and Vincent trick-or-treat door-to-door for the very first time. Last year, we went to our small downtown to trick or treat at local businesses. This year, Eva opted out of that in favor of the neighborhood door-to-door. She couldn’t wait to have Vincent go up and ring our neighbors’ doorbells, then stand back with him and sing “Trick or Treat!”

Most of you know that I struggled with infertility before I was blessed with the miracle of Eva, and then Vincent. I never dreamed I would be so surprised, so lucky, to have children to take to parades or dress up for Halloween.

As I watched my two precious babies cross the streets with Daddy, ring bells, and look back at me for encouragement, I was overcome with love and gratitude.

Speaking of Daddy, he goes back to work tomorrow. He’s not going to sea yet, but he will be at the harbor every day with the crew getting ready for the Dungeness crab season. We do not want him to start work again, but I just keep reminding myself that at least we can visit the harbor and he is still in cell coverage.

Happy Halloween, all.


A String of Crab Gear (I Think)

I was looking through the handful of videos that George took during last winter’s Dungeness crab season. There aren’t many, and the ones that exist are very short. I think that most of the time he was just practicing the video function on his iPhone.

I came across this video last night. At first I thought George had simply captured the vast winter ocean, but upon closer inspection, I noticed our signature buoys in the background. I’m no Dungeness crab expert, but I think that is what’s called a “string of gear” and the buoys are attached to crab pots that are resting at the bottom of the ocean.

I’m sure someone out there can help me out if I’m incorrect. I’d ask George, but…well, I have no idea where he is :-).

The First Video Post

I recently upgraded my blog to allow for videos (to the tune of $60—yikes!). I hope you enjoy these first two short clips, which George recorded during the last Dungeness crab season.

This is all practice—thanks for bearing with me as I keep upgrading Highliners and Homecomings!

No Rest For the Weary

I never get bored of seeing this flatbed Ford and the trailer stacked so perfectly with Dungeness crab pots. It’s such nice gear, bright and beautiful, and each time George shows up with a load like this it’s like I’ve never seen it before.

And I tell you what; our Dungeness crab season may have drawn to a close but these guys never stop working. They are currently busy with forklifts and hydraulics, pots, line, and buoys, running back and forth between boat and web locker.

And when this is all done, they’ll move directly into the pre-season longline work which is a huge event. I watched them work the other day and I commented to Bryan,

“It just has no end, does it?”

“No,” he replied. “It doesn’t.”

Day One

I’d had big plans to finally go to Costco today. But in the end, I decided that taking the kids to the farm to visit Grandpa working was a better idea. We spent the entire afternoon taking a walk through the woods, looking at the pond and acres of land, and inspecting the tractor.

George called while we were out there; he was getting ready to head back to sea to pick up the last of the crab pots and then bring the boat back to town.

This is a good time for him to shut the door on the 2010 crab season, because Halibut/Blackcod 2010 starts on March 6! That gives George about ten days at home before leaving to spend the next few months catching IFQ all over Alaska.

I admit this is probably going to be one extremely long spring, even for me, who considers herself to be pretty tough and is very used to this.

Later in the week I plan to post a few of my personal husband-is-at-sea coping strategies.

Signing off (from my iPhone in the kitchen) from Day One of my weeklong blogging challenge. See you tomorrow!

As Promised…Blogging Every Day

If you read the last post, you know that it was recommended I write something on this blog every day, or at least every other day. Now, I’m a good sport and enjoy an interesting experiment, so this week–for the first time ever–I’m going to put something up on this blog every single day.

For one week, everyone will get to read about the real day-to-day in the life of one commercial fishing family.

Let’s start with today! (By the way, I’m writing this from my iPhone downstairs, where I’m feeding our dogs and waiting for Vincent to wake up.)

Speaking of Vincent, he finally seems to be on the mend from two months of scary ailments. I’m so relieved about that. My own throat is starting to swell up now, but no matter. I’ll double up on the Wellness Blend tonight and keep forging ahead like any good mommy would do.

I did not make it to Costco today; didn’t want to deal with crowds and rain, so the kids and I went to the Farmer’s Co-op to eat popcorn and buy dog treats.

I did teach Jazzercise this morning and wore myself out. That was one awesome and tough class! I gave the customers the option of using either weights or a tube during the strength segment and was happy to see that over half of them chose the tube.

I have not spoken with George today. I think he is still dealing with the crab gear and wrapping it up.

Oh–and the new sheets I bought yesterday are beyond wonderful. Can’t wait to jump back in my bed tonight!