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Commercial Fishing Photo Gallery is Up!! (Halibut and Blackcod Longlining Pictures)

David Hills, who takes some of the world’s best commercial fishing photos, has published a gallery of the pictures he took while on board our fishing vessel last winter during round one of the Alaska blackcod and halibut longline season.

If you want to see what it’s really like out there and see some extraordinary tough guys at work (including my dear husband, G, of whom I could not be more proud) check it out!!!

David, you ROCK!

Halibut and Blackcod Commercial Fishing Photographs

A Time to Work, A Time to Rest

You know what I love about the picture that I’m including with this post?

The trucks.

In the foreground we have a white Ford F-350 flatbed that belongs to my husband, George. In the background, we have my dad’s black Ford F-350, a diesel “dually” ( for its dual tires) with “Tim’s Trailer” and a Kubota tractor on the back. That truck even has a name: Thunder.

I appreciate both of these trucks and the personality, character, and history of hard work and reward they represent.



George and I are getting ready to leave tomorrow for our family vacation. I’m looking forward to it more than usual, if that’s possible.  I’m not normally one to overload myself with obligations and deadlines,  but I agree with George that this time around, I may currently have a few too many plates spinning and a few too many irons in the fire….if you will.

George has been busy as well. He has not taken more than two days off since returning from Alaska after completing the halibut and blackcod longlining season. He has been at the boat most every day using a grinder to sand over one hundred rust spots on the boat, painting primer coats, and then painting them (Vis) green. He also painted black deck coating on the steel aft deck.

In addition, George recently hauled out his mountain bike and helmet and began cycling down to the harbor to do this work each day.

On our upcoming trip, we’re going to let the Internet, cell phones, and boat work go for a while. We’re going to hide and relax.

We’re looking forward to spending this time in the company of our little, little children and two big dogs (one of whom we did not expect to live to see another vacation with the family).

In our family, one must work hard. It’s our foundation. And if one works hard, one must rest.

That’s what we’re going to go do now.

See you in about ten days!