Facebook Group: Commercial Fishing Families & Friends


A place for friends of the commercial fishing industry to connect on Facebook!

In 2009, I helped create the first all-inclusive commercial fishing group on Facebook, Commercial Fishing Families & Friends.

We are a fun and informative group made up of fishermen, fisherwomen, fishing wives, former fishermen, fishing kids, and all of our friends and supporters. It’s a place to connect and share fishing news and pictures, ask questions, seek and/or give advice, or just visit.

Commercial Fishing Families & Friends is an open group. Three of us began by inviting fifty of our fishing friends to join; the community now has over 4000 members from Alaska to California to Florida, and even across the world in Italy and Australia.

We are easy to find. Just click here and request to join!



Good luck on the voyage to Westport and the 2008 Dungeness crab season....