Hi Again, G.

Hi again, G!

I had so much fun writing you the last letter, I thought I’d write another one. I did try calling you again today and left three messages, but that’s okay. I assume you’ll get them whenever you get into coverage. I have no idea where you are.

My permit has already been approved and signed off by the police department! That was a surprise! They told me it would take thirty days. It only took two! Wow!

I set up a Craig’s List account today; I thought it would be fun to try and sell some stuff online. I know we usually donate everything, but I thought it might be fun to try something different this time around.

Hmmm. I guess there is not much to report. You know we love you and can’t wait for you to get home. These letters to you have already lost me blog subscribers, but what can I do. It’s not very professional or interesting, but….it’s the fishing life, and sometimes it just drags on.

Thank goodness I have these precious babes!



“Dear George…”

Hi G!

I tried to call you today, but it went straight to voice mail. I didn’t leave a message because I’m tired of leaving messages. I know it’s not your fault; you’re fishing your way home and working as hard and as fast as you can.

Even so, I thought I’d write you a letter so you could read it when you got to a port with Internet connection.

Eva started pre-school this week, and she just loves it. She dressed up on her first day in a brand new dress given to her by Grandma.

Uncle Ryan, pregnant Auntie Steph, and my dad all came by this past weekend to set up new locks, hang a couple of signs, and have a few laughs.

The children and I went to the police department the other day and they got shiny police badge stickers! They sat patiently in the lobby, excitedly awaiting the appearance of all the police officers that walked by.

I had to laugh as I filled out the concealed weapons form when the application asked about tattoos. My goodness. I quickly and easily described the pink flower and Chinese symbol (“healthy”) located in the middle of my lower back, but I wasn’t sure how to describe the other one.

Boat? Island? Lighthouse? Ocean? Waves? Our family’s commercial fishing vessel with miniature crew members on deck wearing orange rain gear?

I called it simply “Island and Boat on Right Hip” but I had an appreciative chuckle as I remembered how that tattoo came to exist shortly before we got married eight years ago.

Anyway, we are doing just fine. The little ones got haircuts today, and we’ve had a great week of Jazzercise. Bills are up to date, the house is clean, and the dogs are fed.

I hope that you are doing well, catching fish, and will be on your way home shortly.

We love you.


Jen, Eva, Vincent, Mandy, and Toby.

The Day So Far Told in Third Person (Plinky)

Per the Plinky prompt….

Jen’s morning was just fine. She woke earlier than her children and sat in her extra wide and extra soft and extra comfy rocking recliner to watch the news as she enjoyed her mug of coffee. She got dressed in her gear to teach Jazzercise, then took a moment to log onto iTunes and alter her set.

Jen’s children, Eva and Vincent, woke moments later, so she got their milk and morning treats ready, then set her little ducklings down in the same chair to watch an episode of Nursery Rhymes as she finished getting ready in peace.

They left home–on time–and Jen taught her Jazzercise class. She felt tired because she hadn’t slept well all weekend and was preoccupied with the events which lead her and the children to spend the entire holiday weekend out of their own house.

She lives in a nice neighborhood, but alas, nice neighborhoods are often targeted for scams by unseemly characters. And unfortunately, Jen can be naive.

After a trip to the Estee Lauder cosmetic counter and a visit to Bath & Body today, Jen went to the police department to deliver a handwritten thank you note to the officer who helped her and to fill out a permit for a concealed weapon (per her husband’s request).

She’s actually really excited about the pink 9 mm her husband said he’d buy for her when he gets home. She’s also excited about the women’s personal safety and gun training class for which her friend signed her all up.

Jen is grateful for her family, her friends, and the police. She and her children will sleep very well tonight!

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Audio Post

Ha! Awesome. I cornered G in the desolate, rainy, windy reaches of Alaska and he was sweet enough to go along with my interview.

Thanks, G. Love you!

F/V Vis. Picture by David Hills www.fishingpix.net.


Coming Soon–Captain G in His Own Words

iPhone, iPhone 3G and 3GS

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My husband finally surfaced.

Because we’ve had no cell phone coverage from the most desolate, far-reaching areas of Alaska in the last few months, I thought it would be a fun idea to convince G to sit for an iPhone interview for my blog while the getting was good.

He didn’t want to. In fact, after we agreed upon five simple questions, I suddenly couldn’t reach him again! Not so easily discouraged, I called Bryan and asked him to relay to George that I needed a call back, and NOW!

Thanks, Bryan.

Stay tuned for an audio post of an interview I plan to conduct with Captain G either tonight or tomorrow, as soon as I find him again.

Be right back.  :-)

Photo by David Hills www.fishingpix.net

Saddest Quote Ever

“Like the bride in the Song of Songs, you long for your beloved, but he does not come.”

Where There’s Smoke…


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I woke up to the smell of smoke this morning. Well, that’s a bit of an understatement. My bedroom was engulfed in smoke, and the smell was sickening and overpowering.

“What’s on fire?!” I yelled to Eva.

“I was making pretzels!” she said.

Eva has permission to prepare her own milk each morning; however, she does not have permission to use the microwave to “cook” anything.

Dear Lord.

I made my way down a hallway filled with choking black smoke and entered the kitchen, scared to death of what I was going to find. The kitchen abounded in smoke. The family room, the living room, the staircase, everything was engulfed. I choked and tried not to throw up.

“Go back to your rooms!” I yelled to my children as I hustled them in a panic back to their bedrooms where the smoke hadn’t yet reached. Why didn’t I put them outside? I don’t know. I was in a panic.

I ordered them to stay there while I assessed the situation. I remembered from a true crime show that fire cannot spread without oxygen, so I kept the microwave shut as I turned on every fan around and opened every window and wondered if and when I should call the fire department.

The fire in the microwave miraculously went out, but the smell and the smoke it left behind was horrendous. I tried not to throw up as I ran back to Eva’s room and found my son and daughter snuggled together in her little bed, tears streaming down their faces, her comforter pulled up over their mouths and noses.

We held hands and prayed, and thanked Jesus that he protected us as he promised to do, and that he watched over our household during what could have been an all-out disaster.

I do believe that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. By the time G finally comes home, my strength will be immeasurable.

Thank you, Jesus.

“Momma, Remember When…?”

Right before George left months ago to catch a seemingly endless amount of Alaska halibut and blackcod quota, our family took a little three-day trip. On that trip, I went to a small bookstore and bought a great hardbound journal entitled “My Quotable Kid: A Parent’s Journal of Unforgettable Quotes.”  

I’ve entered a few quotes from each child, including these:

“Vincent, I’m in charge, and you need to follow my directions.” –Eva (4)

“Momma, I hungry and firsty.” –Vincent (3)

The most recent quote was spoken by my 4-year-old Eva from her car seat on our way home from running errands.

“Momma, remember when I was really young and Daddy was here? Remember I used to sit in his lap and read books? And we’d watch ‘How It’s Made’ on television and Vincent would fall asleep in his lap?”

Stunned for a moment, I quickly regained composure and smiled.

“You are still really young,” I said. “And Daddy will be home again. You will sit in his lap to read books and watch ‘How It’s Made‘.  And I know he can’t wait, either. He told me so.”

I hope that was the right response. Would you have replied differently?

Vis Anchor. Picture by David Hills. www.fishingpix.net

Allison is the Best: Thank You!

Over a year ago, I was in a total freak-out. I had a three-year old daughter, a two-year old son, two big dogs, and a husband who was nowhere to be found. Yes, G was either fishing or getting ready to fish. Still, he was nowhere to be found.

Our daughter was seriously ill. A potentially fatal infection went undiagnosed for weeks until a secondary illness, pneumonia, kicked in. Little Eva underwent procedure after procedure and antibiotic after antibiotic until doctors finally discovered what was wrong and began proper treatment.

I spent that fall and winter worried, tired, anxious, upset, nervous, and sad.

I held Eva in my arms all day and all night as Vincent napped in his crib or played nearby. Because of Eva’s illness, nobody could come over and we couldn’t go out; it was just my two babies and me.

When Eva broke into the clear (Thank you, God!) one of my Jazzercise mentors talked with me.

“You need to hire some help,” she said. “Even if you don’t use it to teach Jazzercise, you need a break and so do your children.”

I placed an ad with our local University’s job board and was astonished by the amount of resumes I received. In addition to resumes, I also received an e-mail from an out-of-town friend I’d known since kindergarten.

“Are you the same Jen who posted the ad?” he asked. “My niece applied for the job. She’s great, but I’m sure she can speak for herself.”

I called his niece–Allison–first.

It was the only call I needed to make!

Allison came to help us out right away and it was the best decision I’d ever made as an often-solo parent. My only regret is that I didn’t place the ad the moment Vincent was born.

My parents, George, my children, and I all love Allison.  She not only supervised the children and provided for their needs, but she played with them. She interacted with them. She taught them. She enjoyed them. She laughed with them and smiled as she told stories about them.

In addition, Allison was (is) a really cool girl.

She never judged me, our lifestyle, our household, refused to help, or held any strange look or attitude whatsoever. And when you are dealing with us and our crazy selves, that is no easy task!

Allison, you rock. We are all blessed for having you in our lives the past two years, and I wish you nothing but the best as you continue on and go with Mr. Moon Head to the next state as he pursues his Master’s and PhD. You are a stable, steady, smart young gal and we love you to pieces! Thanks for coming when we needed you most and sticking it out with us for so long.

We Love You!

“Rigging Gear…or Drinking Beer?” (via Highliners and Homecomings)

a dungeness crab

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This is a post I wrote almost three years ago when I first started this blog.

I was reminded of it recently after my friend, Beth, mentioned that she’d mistakenly lost some of her blog posts. I wrote and told her that I, too, had lost a post before and this was the one. I’d spent all of one night three years ago grieving its loss and trying to re-write it when I discovered the Internet and taken a snapshot of the post and saved it.

Hence, I was able to retrieve and re-post it.

Beth and I each got a chuckle out of this post the third time around, so I’m posting it again for those of you that weren’t with me from the very beginning. :-)

(From November 15, 2007) George is working down at the harbor with Brett and my dad each day, overhauling crab pots and getting the boat ready for the Dungeness crab season, which is set to start in December. He leaves the house each morning at 7 a.m. and returns each evening at 6:30 p.m. I spent yesterday working on this blog, emptying the dishwasher, getting a crockpot meal going for dinner, moving Vince from baby swing to bouncy seat and back … Read More

via Highliners and Homecomings