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The Night Before Departure

It’s the night before G, the boat, and crew all leave to go catch the rest of the blackcod and halibut quota in the far reaches of Alaska. I’m trying to not feel sorry for myself and to keep well aware of the fact that this is what we do…and have done for five generations…and we aren’t the only ones.

Many boats are leaving right now for the salmon season, the albacore season, or are already long gone. There are many wives, children, and girlfriends that feel sad right now because they’ll be without their loved ones for a few months.

Developing a summer plan for the children and me has been a big help. Our plans include:

  • Teaching lots of Jazzercise at two different locations;
  • Kids attending gymnastics a couple mornings a week;
  • Working on my writing;
  • Attending a writer’s conference;
  • Playing with kids in the backyard underneath sunshine;
  • Taking kids on a couple of easy trips to see friends;
  • Going out on Dad’s new pleasure boat; and
  • A camp out/sleepover at Uncle Ryan and Auntie Steph’s.

Each time I start to feel sad, I just remind myself that I’m not alone whether in my home, in my circle of friends and activities, or in my particular situation as the wife and mother in a commercial fishing family. It’s time to be strong for the kids and cheerful and optimistic for G.

Tryin’ my best, as always… and like everyone else does, too.

No Rest For the Weary

I never get bored of seeing this flatbed Ford and the trailer stacked so perfectly with Dungeness crab pots. It’s such nice gear, bright and beautiful, and each time George shows up with a load like this it’s like I’ve never seen it before.

And I tell you what; our Dungeness crab season may have drawn to a close but these guys never stop working. They are currently busy with forklifts and hydraulics, pots, line, and buoys, running back and forth between boat and web locker.

And when this is all done, they’ll move directly into the pre-season longline work which is a huge event. I watched them work the other day and I commented to Bryan,

“It just has no end, does it?”

“No,” he replied. “It doesn’t.”